Kien to join Digital Innovation

As per July 31, Kien Systems will join Digital Innovation (DI) as the Benelux organisation and technology practice for the whole DI group. With Kien joining, DI will be able to provide high-end cognitive business automation services and technology capabilities to its global community of customers, and will strengthen its position in the Benelux and the north of France.

Christian Blümlein, CEO of the Digital Innovation group, and Niek De Visscher, CEO of Kien Systems, have already been in a strategic partnership for over 3 years and have recently announced the merger of their both firms.

Joining their forces, Digital Innovation now has a significant workforce of more than 50 highly-experienced digital transformation and digital innovation specialists across the globe, with offices in Aschaffenburg (headquarters - Germany), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium), London (United Kingdom) and Portland (USA), and opening their Shanghai office (China) later this year.

Kien Systems will be responsible for technology and cognitive automation-related missions, including digital strategy, architecture, enterprise design, software engineering and high-risk/high-value core technology/legacy transformations.

The current vertical offerings of Kien Systems will be merged in to the DI portfolio, which include IT and Enterprise Architecture, Software Audit, Digital Process Automation, Internet of Things / Business 4.0, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive computing, supported by platforms such as Bizagi, Microsoft Office 365 and .NET.

With the current strategic business consulting services and tools from DI, including digital strategy, business model design, consumer experience, digital marketing and accelerators, such as Inkubate and CoLab, DI is able to offer its clients an end-to-end digital transformation offering, enforcing their market position as a boutique transformation, innovation and engineering firm.

Leveraging the current geographical arena of Kien Systems (the Benelux - Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and also the north of France), Kien will become "Digital Innovation Benelux", offering the full service portfolio of DI to these markets.

Niek De Visscher will head the Benelux organization acting as CEO, in partnership with Christian Blümlein acting as group CEO and Benelux CFO.

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